Attractions in Nainital- A Heavenly Retreat

Nainital is a glittering jewel in the Himalyan necklace, blessed with scenic natural spledour and varied natural resources . Dotted with lakes , Nainital has earned the epithet of 'Lake District' of India . The most prominent of the lakes is Naini lake ringed by hills . Nainital has a varied topography . Some of the important places in the district are Nainital , Haldwani , Kaladhungi , Ramnagar , Bhowali , Ramgarh , Mukteshwar , Bhimtal , Sattal and Naukuchiatal . Nainital’s unending expense of scenic beauty is nothing short of a romance with awe-inspiring and pristine Mother nature.

If you are visiting Nainital  the places to see are as follows:

Naina Devi Temple– This is a temple that’s crowded with devotees round the year. Situated just above the Naina Lake it is a beautiful and holy place to be. The ambience of the place is so soothing and relaxing, that you feel as if all your tensions and stress have disappeared and feel very light at heart.

Jim-Corbett Jim Corbett National Park – Nainital has everything for everyone. For wildlife photographers and wilderness freaks, there one famous place, the abode of the tigers.  It is the natural habitat. Best region to explore and flora and fauna that is diverse and fascinating.

Astronomical Observatory Astronomical Observatory – This is one unique place where you get to see a wide variety of binoculars and telescopes, the observatory is a must visit for the stargazers.

Naina Peak – For the panoramic view of the mystic peaks and the breathtaking lush green valleys that look like carpets with beds of flowers.

There are loads of areas in the district of Nainital which are worth visiting. These place include Ramgarh, Bhowali, Ranikhet, Kasauli etc. A lot of hindi movie shoots and television serials are also shot in these regions and if you are lucky, you might as well get to see some of the cine stars in real life.

In a Nutshell, this mini paradise has to be in your must see getaways.

China PeakChina Peak which is also known as the Naina Peak is at an altitude of about 2611 metres and around 6 kilometres from Nainital
Naina or the China Peak is the highest peak in the town that offers the majestic views of the Himalayan Range which is snow capped from the Bandar Punch in West to the summits of Nepal in East. This peak offers the view of the complete beautiful hill station.

China Peak gives a clear view of the lush green Naini Lake, centrepiece of the small town below. It truly looks amazingly beautiful from the peak. It is actually a worth hike of sixty minutes to the peak. Just like any other tourist destination, the China Peak is still safe from the huge crowds of the tourists, thereby, giving you enough chance and time with solitude and peace. The people who find hike difficult may also opt for the ponies which are very easily available. It is always advisable to carry enough water and food as the availability of food or any other things may be absent due to the less number of shops present.

Cave Garden –It is very short travel of 2 kilometres from Mallital and 1 kilometre from Sukhatal that is located very close to Kumaon University Campus. The Cave Garden is actually a natural garden which has 6 caves altogether along with a beautiful musical fountain that may be explored by the tourist. While touring to this place, the tourist may get to know about the animals that used to stay there at one poit of time but now they are missing.

Cave Graden can be a thrilling experience for the children as going through the caves and the interesting history would surely fantasise them. The Cave Garden has an entry fee which is very minimal. It charges Rs 20 for adults and Rs 10 for each child. Camera charge is also additional which is only Rs 25/camera. This cave remains open from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm. This superb tourist attraction remains open mostly on all days except the national holidays like Holi, Diwali, etc.

Raj Bhavan –Raj Bhavan was constructed by the British as the residence of Governor of the North West Province.

At present, the Raj Bhavan is actually the official housing of the Governor of Uttaranchal. The guests of this state who visit Nainital also make use of this accommodation for their pleasant stay.

The Raj Bhavan consists of a very beautiful garden, swimming pool and Golf Links. The Mushi heights and Jhandidhar Modi heights are the some other places present in Raj Bhavan which are worth seeing. Govenor’s House was established in line of the Buckingham Palace comprising of double storied 113 well furnished rooms. In order to visit this place, prior permission is a must. .

ZooThe Zoo in Nainital is almost 2 km away from the bus stand of the Tallital and is at an altitude of 2100 mts.
 It is located on the hills of the Sher-ka Danda which actually means Tiger’s Ridge. But now it has been renamed as Govind-ballabh-pant high-Altitude Zoo. It was created in the year 1984, but it was opened for the public from the year 1995. the large region of this place inhabited with pheasants, mammals and a range of flora. 

The entry fee is Rs 10/- for kids and for adults its Rs 25/- and almost all kinds of camera is Rs 25/- apart from the professional video camera that costs Rs 200/- each, although entry for the physically handicapped and other senior citizens are without any charges but students get free entry on the Zoo foundation day, world environment day and wildlife week. On Mondays Zoo remains closed and also on national holidays which includes Diwali and Holi as well.

Apart from Mammals, the zoo dwells world famous Siberian tiger, Himalayan black bear, barking deer, leopard, goral, Himalayan martin, sambar, Tibetan wolf, Himalayan palm civet, Japanese Macaque.
In pheasants it inhabited silver pheasant, golden pheasant, Indian pea fowl, steppe eagle, eagle owl etc.

Tiffin Top – Tiffin Top is a terrace hill top at the top of Ayarpatta hill, situate 4 km away from the central town in Nainital.

At an altitude of 7520 ft, Dorothy’s seat is actually a stonework bench made in the memory of an English artist known as Dorothy Kellet.

Dorothy seat is actually a picnic area constructed in her memory by her spouse and other well wishers when she died in an air crash. This hill top is an ideal place for the aspiring photographers as they can arrest the beautiful picturesque in their camera. Dorothy’s seat reveals the unending love that Dorothy’s family really had for her, and shows to be the unforgettable attraction.

Top Kilbury Kilbury situated at a distance of 13 km from Nainital is an enthralling and attractive picnic spot.

Ruled by the lush oak, rhododendron forest, pine and with amazing views of the splendid snow-capped mountains in the distance, this place is the perfect spot to spend a day without doing anything and just watching the clouds float by. On the other hand you can see the brown wood-owls, white throated laughing thrushes, collared grosbeaks, Fortails and many more birds. Kilbury is a very famous birding route and there are more than 580 species of bird can be seen in this area.

The Mall Road – While you think about Nainital, the very first thing which comes to your mind is very famous Mall Road which is always overcrowded and filled with the tourist, local people, shops, the Lake and the eating places.

This place is a union point amid Tallital and Mallital which makes it busiest places in the town particularly during the peak seasons that is from May till June end. The government of Uttrakhand has renamed The Mall Road as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg and has also prohibited the entry of the vehicles to this place. Only the rickshaw pullers are sanctioned to enter this place with the passengers.

The Mall Road is truly a great place to visit and a major tourist attraction in Nainital. You may begin your tour of Mall Road from any place. While you walk through the road, you will see many local shops offereing locally made bags, belts, wallets and a lot more. Some shops also offers wooden items and different designed candles are one of the most famous things there. The eating joints are also a great place to try some of the local food which are truly relishing and healthy. .

Flats –The Flatts is located on the northern side of the Naini Lake and its actually very famous tourism spot.

Here the worst landslip happened in the year 1880. This region lies at the one edge of Alma Hill. Here the bells shop, Victorian hotel and the Naina Devi temple were placed but that succumbed due to landslide. Although the Naina Devi temple was recreated in the year 1883 and others were reconstructed but as an alternative that region was flattened and tiled and therefore the Flatts name was derived. This was built for those 151 people who lost their precious lives here.

Now The Flatts is a recreational area which really gets crowded especially during evenings when it gets filled with young crowd and some sports enthusiasts. Some even come here to see the sports being played. At the time of fairs and festivals this area becomes alive with number of activities that may include games like basketball, hockey, and boxing and throw ball.

Crowd love the potatoes chaat made over here mixed with hot spices in the famous chaat bazaar. You can also find out Bhutia market, bus stand or the Tibetan market from where you can buy all kind of item from bags, perfumes, watches and many more.

Snow View –Located at the altitude of around 2270 metres, as the name suggest, snow view offers a chance to see the snow laden ranges of Himalayas.

It is located on the top of Sher-ka-danda ridge. A cable car ride or a ropeway is the most excellent way to reach this point. This place is the most effortlessly reachable hilltop which is merely at a distance of 2.5 kilometres from Nainital.

It is best to come to Snow View at the time between October-November as if offers a spectacularly beautiful view of snow bound hill and mountains. It gives you an opportunity to capture the most scenic exquisiteness of India in the camera. Refreshments, snacks and tea are also present on the hilltop offering you a great time.

Ropeway – Ropeway is among the most famous and liked tourist attractions in Nainital.

It links the snow view point which is at the 2270 metres with the Nainital near the flats. The Aerial ropeway begins at Mallital. It has 2 trolleys in order to carry the passengers. It takes around 151.7 seconds to complete one way journey by the trolley. The capacity of each cabin is around 11 people or 825 kilograms. The tourist can visit this place between 10 am till 4 pm. Charges are applicable for both way journey. It charges Rs 100 for the adults and Rs 60 for children.

Pindari Glaciers – A visit to Pindari glacier is very popular in kumaon and anybody can reach here especially those who love to go for trek.

There are many rewards crinkled like the grandeur of Himalayas, water falls, beautiful flora and fauna and the snowy ranges as if the complete scope that that the nature has to give is just ready.

The glacier is almost 3.2 km in length and around 1.5 km broad, is located on Nanda Devi and the Nanda Kot peak. Edged by the mighty peaks and the kind of impression that one gets when looked at is awe and reverence.

Kainchi – Kainchi Dham is a very small place located around 17 km away from Nainital.

This town derives its name from Kainchi which mean too sharp in Kumauni and in English it means scissor. Though some people say that it has no connection with Scissor, however one cannot deny the fact that this town is actually located in between the two hills that cut and cross each other to create a shape of Scissor and that’s how its name originated as Kainchi Dham. Every year the temples of this place bring so many devotees from all over the country and the ashram is filled to the edge.

Binayak – Nainital is definitely a heaven for all the adventure finders. It presents loads and loads of activities related to adventure. For example fun time jeep tours, caving, river rafting, kayaking, horse riding, and rock climbing, trekking and yachting.

Being the most popular hill station, it offers its visitor a variety of trekking options, between the scenic beauties of nature. Among many the most famous trails include Nainital Binayak Trek. This is the perfect spot for trek in Nainital. So all those people who are passionate about trekking and planning to visit Nainital in the near future then Nainital binayak trek is the best trekking spot.

Milam – Milam is a major Himalayan glacier located in Munsiyari tehsil of the Pithoragarh district which lies in the hill station of Uttarakhand. Milam with an altitude starting from 5,500 – 3, 870 mts above the se level is situated around 15 km away northeast of Nanda Devi.

Milam glacier is around 16 km long and includes an area of 37 Sq. km. on the southern top of Himalayan range lies the Milam. It starts from southern slope of the Kohle and eastern slope of the Trishuli. On the eastern end, Milam glacier is nourished by the glaciers from Nanda Pal and Nanda Gond.

Lake – Nainital Lake is one of the major tourist attractions in Nainital.

It is an innate fresh water body that is located amidst the town of Nainital, Uttarakhand. It is tectonic in the origin and has a shape of a kidney which has an outfall at south eastern end. In Nainital District which is known as Lake District of India, the Nainital Lake is among the 4 Lakes of the Kumaon Hills.

Nainital which is known as the Lake Paradise offers beautiful Lakes which has been attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world with its unique beautiful and services. The picturesque lakes give an option of boating via yachts, traditional rowing boats and paddle boats.

Kunjkharak – The Kunjkharak FRH is located on a ridge and surrounded by the hills of similar height.

The FRH is very freezing at night so wear warm cloths during night. By any chance you taking walk from Kunjkharak to the Vinayak then make sure you should have thick soled shoes because the pebbly and hard kuccha road can hurt your feet. This place is very nice for afternoon hike. You will find Kuccha road from Kunjkharak to Nainital, and one should plan to cut down the trek, it is feasible to hire a shared taxi on this route in the morning.

Hanuman Garhi – Hanuman Garhi which is a very well known Lord Hanuman’s Hindu Temple is positioned to south of the Tallital.

It is more or less 3.5 kilometres away from the bus stop of Nainital. The temple is hovering at the altitude of about 6,401 ft from sea level. In the year 1950, this temple was constructed by Baba Neem Karoli who was a very well-known local saint in Nainital. The deity of this temple is Lord Hanuman who is a complete follower of Lord Rama. This can be seen very clearly in the image that depicts an open chest with the images of Sita Mata and Lord Rama in his heart.

Not merely for its religious importance, the Hanuman Garhi temple is well known for its premeditated location. It is located at a site and height that offers the artistic scenery of sunsets and sunrises. The people who tour to Nainital should not miss the chance of seeing the enticing view of sunrise and sunset. The people who are bent towards the religion should also make it a priority to visit this temple. While visiting this temple, you may also visit the Ashram of Bapu Lila Sah and Shitla Devi temple which are very close to Hanuman Garhi.

Betalghat – Betalghat a sleepy small village in the kumaon region of Uttaranchal, India, it is actually located on the side of Kosi River that thrives in Mahseer on the border of Jungles where the Jim Corbett noticed tiger. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Uttaranchal. You can trek to this region of Kumaon and spend some quality time with your family and friends.
There are so many sights and other attractions which really charm large number of tourist and they plan their trip to Betalghat again and again. And when we talk about different activities then Betalghat is a perfect destination for adventure.

Adventure in Nainital

If you are planning a outstanding holiday, then Nainital is one destination you should look forward to. A bit of information for the ones who are fond of the landcapes and the peaks, the waters and the woods, but their way of experiencing these invaluable gifts of nature is a bit different, Nainital is undoubtedly the best choice.

Adventure sports in Nainital include river rafting, yatching, sky diving, para sailing, Canoeing, Kyaking, rock climbing, trekking, hyking and more. For a getaway that’s not only going to rejuvenate your senses, but build a hell lot of self confidence in you and explore the true potential in you or rather bring out the Best of you, your adventure destination has to be Nainital.

As far as sailing goes, loads of competitions are organized in the summers to promote this sport extensively.  If you are looking for an opportunity to take a bird eye view of the mini paradise called Nainital, then paragliding has to be your cup of tea. If you are interesting in an eye on eye encounter with mother nature then you can go for camping. Camping is a power package of various different activities like bird watching, flying fox, bouldering, trekking, slithering, yoga, hikes n more.
For the rough and tough souls, rock climbing is the best recipe. This sport requires physical as well as mental strength and gives a good exercise to the muscles and mind. Though, it is a sport that involves a lot of risks, the correct guide and the requisite precautions can make it the most exciting and thrilling one.

Nainital offers many other super exciting adventures for the nature lovers with a difference, so get your trekking bags and head to the ultimate adventure destination, Nainital.

Horse Riding –Just imagine yourself in the flashback, way behind in the period when animals were the main mode of transportation.

Nature Walks – Nature walks are a good idea for the nature lovers, wildlife photographers and the bird watchers.

Rock Climbing – If you think that rock climbing is a sport for the the ruff and tuff, then actually you are right.

TrekkingI really doubt if there is one dude on this piece of earth who is not fond of trekking.


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